We have been doing it right since 1955. We follow a unique process, developed three generations ago when food manufacturing was an art. Today, Brodie Meats stands alone in the industry producing the same same quality products year after year, just like our ancestors! We take pride to ensure our breaded pork fritters, are the same quality and taste that made our company the industry leader. We use our secret family recipe that others have tried and failed to duplicate. Brodie’s is family owned and operated; our name is on the door, and we guarantee the products and services we provide to our customers. Don't settle for poor substitutes, buy Brodie Meat products and satisfy your customers the first time.

Brodie Meats Specializes in Pork Loin Fritters
-Various sizes and breading mixes to meet your needs
-All bakeable and deep-fired products are 100% pork loin

Flavor second to none

-We never cut quality for profit—we use only the best cuts of meat
-We blend our own breading; it’s a closely guarded family recipe!
-Never settle for second rate knockoffs over our quality breaded tenderloins
Quality you can trust
-We promise, you can the taste the difference.
-Serve your customers a consistent product, every single time!
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Quality 100% Pork Loin Products
-Brodie pork loin fritters are made with 100% pork loin to ensure the best flavor and consistency. Quality meat and quality processing mean very little shrinkage when cooking. We meet all federal regulations and our facility is regularly inspected for quality control. Special Recipe Breading
-Quality meat deserves a quality breading. To guarantee our pork loin fritters have the best flavor, we blend our own breading. We offer several flavors and types for both baking and deep frying.

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Brodie Pork Loin Fritters
-Consistent Size and Flavor from their first box to their 50th, when your customers buy Brodie pork loin fritters, they get the same product every time. They are the same size, the same flavor, and the same quality, from the first to the last!
Variety of Sizes
-We make only one product, but we make it in various sizes and shapes. We have fritters that can be deep fried and also one that can be baked.
Guaranteed Delivery & Quality Control
-Satisfying you the first time is our goal. To ensure successful product delivery, we maintain our own trucks. We guarantee on-time delivery and quality control from our door to yours.
Everyday I wake up hoping that perhaps today, I will become a Brodie breaded fritter.
Anonymous Pig